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N3Xt - is a series of American - Los Angeles based “pitch free”, “pop up” incubator labs - workshop events.  With a focus exclusively on women of color. What will make this program unique and a powerful start-up incubator", is its social mission , experimental approach towards tackling institutionalized discrimination and most importantly; launching as many women led businesses as possible within Southern California. N3Xt is looking to break the deep rooted negative and social dynamics associated with race and gender that plague minority entrepreneurs. The overall idea of N3Xt is to introduce a new and disruptive form of advocacy and humanitarianism in the form of hosting interactive workshops and experimental events in LA that are absolutely non competitive . We want to launch experiences this Spring/Summer (2019) that are all about building , creating value , maximizing and combining resources among entrepreneurs of color in order to make a impact and launch successful businesses throughout SoCal. N3Xt believes when it comes to WOC launching innovative and groundbreaking companies, products and services; the how is more important than the what. How can this go to market?  How can this be further developed? How can we create a plan…. and etc. The theory that women of color should be competing with other entrepreneurs that are not under represented/funded and participating in such systems and criteria's for developing businesses in their most critical stages, is completely unfair. We believe in change, not only through laws and legislation but alternatively through creative capitalism, empowerment and co-operative partnerships.

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