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Using Multi-Cultural Analytics To Mobilize Communities and Create Historic Change

Image Cred: Tennessee Star

We worked with Stacey Abrams, Rev. Lawson (John Lewis's Mentor) and Unite Here to create historical change in Winter 2020 on the legendary Warnock Campaign.

The Black community in the southern state of Georgia has long been impacted by oppression and economic inequality which was further aggravated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Corruption was at an all-time high; the health, safety and well-being of the BIPOC community were at stake.

Dismantling 300 years of oppression was ambitious but Stacey Abrams made the decision to put together an extensive community-oriented task force that included a global network of advocates, thought leaders, organizers, strategists, and passionate creatives.

HB+ was apart of this all-star team.

We were contracted to help support mobilize Georgias rich and vibrant population of underserved residents.

We assisted in identifying strategies to get these community members out to the polls. Leveraging research, human behavior and tracking data to coordinate activities, we were able to maximize resources and have a successful campaign that resulted in us taking back the senate and making history.

Having access to multi-cultural perspectives is crucial to solving complicated problems and reaching as many people as you can in an effort to promote change and make a significant difference, whether you are an impact-driven corporation or non-profit.

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