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Clients have access to extensive industry knowledge, connections, and networks of professionals who understand their culture. We achieve this by offering creative tools, brand management expertise, and customized strategies that are specific to the objectives and challenges of our clients. Every project and partnership is created with the goal of developing and implementing creative, profit-generating brand extension programs for the culture's up-and-coming businesses and talent.

Industry: Government/Civic, Non-Profits, Grassroots Organizations, Activists, and Community



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Industry: E-commerce, Beauty-Cosmetics, Social Media, Lifestyle, Data, Retail and Web Service

In 2021, HB+ collaborated with the newly Black-owned accessory company I LOVE YOUR HAIR. Through clever branding and content creation, HB+ was able to assist this start-up in entering the millennial Black haircare market. In less than a month after the #ILYH debut, this brand gained 8M impressions, thanks to the sharing of products by popular culture figures like influencers and celebrities.

Industry: Entertainment, Social Media, Lifestyle, Influencer Merchandising, Advertising, Pop/Urban Culture & Marketplaces 

A cultural influencer with over 1.4 million followers across her social media platforms, Indya Marie generates an average of 4 million impressions when she shares content. Her record label partnered with HB+ to help her manage brand collaborations, sponsorships, negotiations, and the creation of a media & communications strategy for a significant music video production.
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iCRe8 Invites You

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HB+ teamed up with award-winning Creative and Director Halo to provide advisory in efforts to support his pilot program in Costa Rica. To help Halo and his business partners access their multiethnic and afro audiences, I used my extensive personal and professional network, which included ambassadors and government officials from the diaspora. Furthermore, I combined HBinsights with both research tools and analytics to inform the icre8 team of the best actionables and recommendations on platform development, partnership evaluation and planning, and quantifying ROI for this project.

Industry: Government/Civic, Non-Profits, Grassroots Organizations, Education, Economic Development, Film & Arts, Health & Wellness and Under-served Communities

For the 2012 HomeWalk fundraiser, my objectives as a Consultant included developing neighborhood outreach programs and working with UnitedWay executives and board members to produce an event that would raise money and awareness for putting an end to homelessness in Los Angeles, California. To maximize advocacy, I was part of a team of organizers that planned and coordinated a series of smaller activities and events, in addition to HomeWalk. Together with other team members, I also developed technologies to further assist the implementation of this campaign. The event drew 12,000 attendees and won the support of many people.
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Industry: Government/Civic, Non-Profits, Grassroots Organizations, Activists, Media and Community

While serving as the Senior Consultant for the former grass-roots organization P.E.A.C.E (Protecting Everyone America Created Equality). The Rally lasted approximately two hours in Long Beach, CA. It had a turn out of about 350-500 people and was the only nonviolent protest in the state of California out of hundreds of demonstrations. In my capacity as a Consultant, I managed communications and marketing, my duties included writing all the press releases, which were picked up by numerous reputable media outlets, and designing and printing all media ( we gave out flyers, posters, and informational brochures). The event schedule I planned focused on engaging the public and included providing resources to people looking to get interested and active on social and racial issues in their communities. Additionally, I created all of the event messaging and themes, such as requesting that everyone wear a hoodie and providing attendees Skittles & Arizona tea to further support the rally experience.
To ensure that the demonstration went as organized, we assembled a team of a small group of 15 young volunteers, which the team leadership managed jointly. 
The management of media, its features, processes, and timetables for activities were my key areas of concentration.

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